Service Detail


If you’re looking for virtual fun that’s original and out there, stop right here.

We offer a series of unique, quirky, intellectually rich social fun activities all led by top talent and we’ve run events here on Remo, for Remo itself!

We also make awesome, fancy-shmancy event kits, including raw ingredient packages, cocktail kits, art, chess, and custom packages and promotional materials.

Sample events include:

  • Freestyle Rap Show (interactive, freestyle rap)
  • The Steak Out (virtual steak dinner cooking event)
  • Wine, Dine, & Rhyme (wine tasting + food element + freestyle rap)
  • It’s Chess Time (chess strategy talk and tournament with a chess champion)
  • Salsa Dance Party (DJ & salsa dancing)
  • Name That Tune Gameshow
  • Coral Creations, an Environmental Art Night
  • The Queen’s Gambit (exploration of the chess of the series)
  • Tortilla Night
  • Wine & Comedy
  • Magical Drinks

We can also build a custom event for your needs using our talent. Get in touch at [email protected]